Ensuring a Safe Working Environment for All

What is Antiviral Deep Clean Fogging?

Antiviral Deep Clean Fogging is a rapidly expanding business sector. Our continued success means we can now offer low cost franchise opportunities to motivated people across the UK

Fogging is the most effective way to disperse disinfectant, be that in a building or in a vehicle. The equipment we use varies depending upon the size of the area to be treated. Generally the foggers produce a fog or mist of microscopic droplets which circulate and then stick to every surface.

Whilst fogging equipment varies, the disinfection agent Cleanse Smart employs does not. It has taken our experts months of research to find the best product to use. It had to be safe, it had to effective, it had to have a proven record. So, yes our disinfectant is safe around food, safe around people and animals, safe for the environment. It is up to 1,000 times more effective than most sanitisers! It has been independently tested, tried and tested by the NHS, Boeing, RSPCA, Network Rail and Heathrow Airport.

There's nowhere we can think of that shouldn't be using our deep clean fogging treatments. To give you a taste of the businesses that the treatment is popular with... Gyms, Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Charity Shops, Coach Companies and private Vehicles.



Work for yourself, work around family commitments, work as many hours as you want. The big question is how much will all this cost. Well, of course there is a surprisingly small setup franchise fee and then there is just a further small monthly franchise fee.

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