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Cars - Covid Disinfection Services

Cleanse Smartdeep clean fogging treatments were first optimised for vehicles of multiple occupancy. Vehicles such as Taxis, where customers are in and out all day, and even those used by different drivers.

All manner of cars, new cars before being collected by the owner, hire cars, even personal cars. More recently there has been a huge increase in the number of commercial vans, especially fleets.

What is a vehicle disinfection deep clean fogging?

Essentially the same process as we use in offices and other premises. A technician pours the antiviral disinfectant in to the fogging machine and then disperses the fog thoroughly throughout the vehicle compartments. taking care to ensure areas such as footwells and door pockets are treated.

Van - Antiviral Deep Cleaning
symbol - disinfectant fogging

Now the antiviral fogging process is complete, we need to open all the doors to evacuate the fog, then 5 minutes later the vehicle is back and ready for use. You will also be issued with a certificate to show that your vehicle has been professionally and thoroughly deep cleaned.

Cleanse  Smart has a range of products to help drivers keep their vehicles as safe as possible from Covid-19 infection. In addition to the disinfectant deep clean fogging there are general purpose cleaners and hand sanitiser available in our SHOP.

EFFECTIVE: Kills Viruses and Bacteria to EN BS 14476

SAFE: Human, Animal, Food, Environment & Electronics

TESTED: By NHS, Airbus, Network Rail, Carillion, RSPCA

SAVES: Money, Time and Lives

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