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Stratford - Covid 19 Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Cleanse Smart are a Nationwide group of operators offering professional disinfectant deep cleaning fogging services. With high infection rates across the South East we are very pleased to have a base here in Stratford. In fact Stratford has one of the biggest teams of antiviral fogging operators in the country. All fully trained and certified by our ISOH accredited staff. Whilst what we do we call "fogging", to the general public, it is "deep cleaning".

What is Covid-19 deep cleaning?

You are all probably aware that the covid or coronavirus is passed from person to person either by breathing in infected air, or, by touching someone or something that has the virus upon it.

Government guidelines suggest people should wear masks, stay at a distance and frequently cleanse their hands. Where a professional deep cleaning fits into this, is when a deep clean is a must, as ordered by the local councils health and safety department, or, as a preventative measure.

A deep clean is when your premises and/or vehicles are thoroughly disinfected to remove as much of the virus as possible. You can use the traditional method, with a spray and cloth, but this is very time consuming to do properly. Alternatively you can use a professional deep cleaning fogging service like the one Cleanse Smart offers.

ULV Fogging - Covid Deep Cleaning
fogging - covid deep clean

Antiviral Disinfectant Fogging.

This is a specialist area, within the commercial cleaning industry. Using a variety of fog machines, some like the one pictured we produce a very fine mist, with particles smaller than 50 microns. This disinfectant fog can reach over 10 metres and moves with the air currents, eventually settling on every surface. Two immediate advantages of disinfectant fogging is that we also deep clean the air in your buildings and every surface, top, underneath and the sides are all coated with a protective layer. A layer which can keep on killing viruses and bacteria for up to 28 days.

Antiviral Disinfectant 

NHS tried and tested, with no less than 4, BS EU safety awards. It kills up to 1,000 times more effectively than most antibacs. It is non-hazardous, food safe and contains no alcohol or bleach

Cost Effectiveness of Fogging Services

Cleanse Smart are here to help Stratford and surrounding businesses with their covid deep cleaning. Quality and effectiveness have to be your No1 priority and then consider the cost. The process we use to disperse the disinfectant is cutting edge. The UK manufactured disinfectant used is equally impressive, using the latest biotech research and testing to confirm the effectiveness, even against covid-19. Professional deep clean fogging takes much less time and is therefore more economical than traditional deep cleaning. Saving your business time and money.


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