Has a Member of Staff Tested Positive for Covid?

How to properly disinfect, deep clean your business to keep staff and customers as safe as possible.

Guidelines state that your business should carry out a thorough deep clean, before reopening after a member of staff has tested positive for Covid. But what is a deep clean, and which method is best?

A deep clean is a clean of EVERYTHING, especially those areas, or points that are regularly touched, such as door handles. There are two main ways to achieve this:

1. Traditional cleaning using a disinfectant spray and some cloths. Generally, this method is seen as ineffective, because it is difficult if not impossible to effectively clean everywhere. Second, to be really thorough, take a lot of time, and as we all know time is money.

2. Fogging. this is a quick and effective method by which a disinfectant is sprayed in microscopic droplets, which then circulate and decontaminate the air, and EVERY surface it touches. Tables, chairs, computers, keyboards, windows, doors, floors, lights, walls even in between radiators or in air conditioning ducts.

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So, if a member of staff has tested positive the best solution is a deep clean fogging treatment. Cleanse Smarts disinfectant is up to 1,000 times better at killing germ than most other cleaners.Please

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