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Schools and Colleges

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As an ex-Governor our owner is acutely aware of the emphasis placed on the safety of our pupils and students. Covid 19 means Cleanse Smart are receiving many requests for our proven nano technology, antiviral deep clean fogging services to be used in Schools and Colleges.

The change has meant more sophisticated, powerful equipment, and more training. So you can be confident in our outstanding quality and efficiency.

So, what is the deep clean that Schools and Colleges go through?

Firstly, we need to understand what areas are needing treating and then work out their volume.

The tried and tested formula is added to the fogging equipment. We place it carefully in the area and set it running. Once the fog has filled a space, we leave it to work for 5 to 15 minutes.

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As we are now well aware, Covid-19 is mostly airborne. Disinfectant deep clean fogging dosn't just neutralise coronavirus on surfaces. Because of the way it is dispersed, fogging kills viruses in the air too.

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The antiviral fogging is repeated in every space. Now the disinfection is complete, the droplets will have killed any viruses or bacteria and have chemically coated every surface including fabrics like carpets and curtains. We now need to open doors and windows to evacuate the fog, then 5 minutes later you can occupy the area safely. You will be issued with a Cleanse Smart certificate to prove that your establishment has been professionally deep cleaned.

Remember protection against bacteria lasts for up to 10 weeks, but to protect against the likes of Covid 19, and other viruses, the special formula lasts up to 28 days. It is for this reason that we highly recommend having a annual contract which enables you to schedule regular monthly treatments at a significantly reduced rate.

When a Pupil has Tested Positive for Covid-19:

Safety and speed are of the essence. Cleanse Smart have rapid response operators available to provide disinfection deep cleansing of a whole school or just a single classroom within 24 hours.

To arrange an estimate for your Nursery, School or College, please call:

Office on 01325 238 210, or Mobile 07795 681 507.

Thank you.

EFFECTIVE: Kills Viruses and Bacteria to EN BS 14476

SAFE: Human, Animal, Food, Environment & Electronics

TESTED: By NHS, Airbus, Network Rail, Carillion, RSPCA

SAVES: Money, Time and Lives