Emergency Vehicles

When an infection - of any kind - not just Covid 19, breaks out, we all need to act swiftly.

In response to the heightened demand for decontamination treatment following an infection, Cleanse Smart are working around the clock to ensure you and your property are safe.

We can work throughout the night where necessary for emergencies. Please note these must be booked before 7PM that day.

We hope you will understand that certain sectors will take priority.

Care Homes, NHS facilities, Schools and Colleges and then businesses.

Cleanse Smart has invested heavily in extra fogging equipment so that we can disinfect several areas at once. Meaning you will be back up and running in as little as an hour.

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Depending upon the type of infection, we can call on any of our 3 agents to kill the pathogens. As previously mentioned treatments for viruses are good for 28 days and for bacteria they are good for up to 10 weeks.

As always, your establishment will be issued with a certificate to show that a decontamination was carried out. We can also provide this icon to use on your website.

Emergencies from 8AM to 7PM incur a £25 surcharge on top of our usual rates. For other hours there will be a £75 charge.

EFFECTIVE: Kills Viruses and Bacteria to EN BS 14476

SAFE: Human, Animal, Food, Environment & Electronics

TESTED: By NHS, Airbus, Network Rail, Carillion, RSPCA

SAVES: Money, Time and Lives