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If a member of your staff tested positive for any infectious disease then you need a deep cleaning to protect your business. Fogging Disinfection is the best, most effective method to quickly and effectively solve your problem.


Cleanse Smart Operators are trained by ISOH managers. They are professional and experienced.

What is Deep Cleaning?

Not to be confused with Spring Cleaning, Professional Deep Cleaning is the method used to ensure premises and vehicles are thoroughly disinfected to minimise the risk of spreading viruses between staff and customers.

Why Fogging Is Better?

Cleanse Smart uses a UK manufactured biotech disinfectant in our fogging treatments. It has 3 major advantages:

1. Thoroughly tested by- NHS, RSPCA, Network Rail, Boeing, Airbus plus many others.

2. Safe - Our disinfectant carries 4 major British and European Safety Standards.
3. Performance - Up to 1,000 times better than 70% alcohol at killing germs.

Who Benefits From Coronavirus Professional Fogging?

Offices, Schools and Nursery Schools are areas in which our unique antiviral disinfectant work extremely well.

We specialise, because fogging disinfection requires expertise and training to administer correctly. When treated correctly it is up to 1,000 more effective at killing germs. Safe around office electronics and food safe, so recommended in environments where small children are.

Fogging has advantages over UV because:

1. We can treat all areas, large and small

2. Effective distribution, no shadows like UV.

Cleanse Smart  offers Affordable, Disinfectant Treatments to all other businesses including: Hairdressers, Solicitors, Pubs, Restaurants, Gyms, Warehouses and all Company Vehicles, 


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