What is Decontamination Fogging?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Since the Coronavirus breakout you may have seen on the TV, technicians walking about with what looks like smoke machines? The Chinese even use fog generators on large vehicles to decontaminate large outside areas.

Decontamination Fogging of an Office

At Cleanse Smart we use similar portable electronic equipment which generates the fog. Referred to as foggers, these produce clouds of nano sized sanitising droplets which circulate around the target area and stick to every surface, top, bottom and sides. Getting into every crack and crevice.

The secret, if there is a secret is not in the equipment, but in the sterilising liquid used to carry out the disinfecting. After years of research we have found a fluid that is approved for use in medical environments because of its effectiveness and the fact that is is safe around food and more importantly - people.

The properties of this amazing substance is that it is a concentrated water-based anti-microbial with multi-surface broad spectrum kill and is residually efficacious. This means that on contact it kills 99.999% of all viruses and bacteria, including the Coronavirus. Not only that but the residual efficacy also means that it carries on effectively killing pathogens. In the case of viruses for up to 4 weeks, for bacteria up to 10 weeks. This is why we highly recommend a revisit once a month to ensure complete protection.

The scientific formula is tolerant of soil, hard water, is ph neutral, non corrosive and quicker to apply than standard cleaning, which generally, can only get to the top hard surfaces. Being a fog, when we treat a vehicle or a room, the whole area is treated. Dashboards, desks, seats, steering wheels, computers, screens, keyboards, mice, all fabrics such as carpets and curtains. In buildings the ceilings and light fittings are protected, in vehicles we can run the air to recirculate and this also cleanses your filters.

Cleansing for Covid-19

Without exception everyone who knows about the Cleanse Smart decontamination fogging process wants it, but have a big question. How much is it. If its approved for health services, if it protects much better than traditional surface cleaning, if its applied by fully trained technicians surely it must be expensive? How much would it be worth to protect your office workforce of say 12, and ensure you have peace of mind that you have carried out your "duty of care"? £1,000? maybe £500? Well here is a better surprise. Sign up for a 12 month contract with Cleanse Smart and we will cleanse your office space or your vehicle from just £60 per month. Or £2 a day. Have multiple offices or 5 or more vehicles? Then you can take advantage of additional discounts.

For an estimate please call 01325 238 210 or Mobile 07795 681 507

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