The Best Infection Protection Screening

Choosing a thermal screening system to protect your staff and customers is one of the best ways to ensure infectious diseases (not just Covid19), do not spread. Of course swab testing is better, just time consuming and therefore impractical day to day.

Cleanse Smart has used evidence gained from bodies such as the FDA and the International Standards Organisation to give you a credible solution to which is the best infection protection screening system. Our very own quality definition proudly stolen from the RAF "fitness for purpose at minimum cost", has also been integrated into the equation.

Fitness for Purpose

Accurate temperature checking, when carried out correctly is the best way to screen people for feverish symptoms.

To prevent transmission of diseases, the use of close contact temperature devices have been deemed unsuitable.

Standards organisations across the world have stated that mass screening devices are also unsuitable.

For flexibility in positioning, a portable system would also be advantageous.

Many thermal screening devices also include an optical lens to capture images and for facial recognition purposes. This has raised privacy concerns.

The Technicalities.

Standards for thermal devices used for screening purposes must reach a certain set of standards. Temperature accuracy must be with 0.5 deg C. Measurement range should be 30 to 45 deg C. The thermal sensor should be at least 160 x 120 pixels with a sensitivity greater than 50mk. Does the device conform to British and European safety standards?

Minimum Cost

Many thermal screening systems are the mass screening facial recognition type and typically cost from £3,500 upwards of £20,000.

Cleanse Smarts flexible, portable, international standards compliant, European manufactured system fully sited, with training given currently costs just £999.


For effective infection protection screening the best choice has to be the Cleanse Smart portable thermal camera system.

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