Covid Risk Assessments

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

How compliance with HSE Covid guidance can make you money.

Firstly, if you own a business, you have no choice but to demonstrate "duty of care" to both your staff and your customers. It is a requirement than companies with 50 or more employees must have a Covid19 Risk Assessment. The HSE have templates available, (and there’s an example attached to out pdf information pack) or if you would like a professional to help you, we can highly recommend a local company. Please give us a call.

So, if it’s best practice to have a risk assessment, then let Cleanse Smart explain how you can utilise it, to make your business stand out from the rest and hopefully become more profitable.

Now, and certainly in the future, customers are going to want to know if they are going to feel safe, visiting and purchasing from your company. Will they feel safe to travel in your taxi, coach, aircraft. Safe to go to school and college. Safe in a care home. Safe in your pub, restaurant or cafe?

The general public are certainly more conscious of the risks involved in what used to be everyday activities. A well composed Risk Assessment whilst it does not guarantee 100% safety, it does show that your company CARES! And that when presented to potential customers goes a very long way in making them feel safe using your services.

This, emphasis on safety and management of risk associated with Covid19 has to be a major USP for any successful business. When you partner with Cleanse Smart, as part of your Risk Assessment and prevention process we can provide you with:

A4 presentation pack, comprising:

* Factual information

* MSDS sheet

* Compliance sheet, signed after every visit by the fogging technician.

icon - covid deep cleaning


Secondly, we can provide you with this symbol to place on your website, or documents which can link back to ours showing updated treatment dates.

Given a choice, wouldn’t you choose a business that could prove they are doing their utmost to keep you safe?

For further information and an informal chat, please call 01325 238 210. Email and ask for an information pdf.

We are currently carrying out free site visits to provide advice and accurate quotes, based on volume (we measure for you), and number of rooms. Also, news just out. You’re first disinfection cleansing is free when you decided to take up a contact deal.

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