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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

A little more information on what, why and how Cleanse Smart operates.

Our number 1 priority is to ensure local businesses get the best advice and the best antiviral treatments so we can all be as safe as possible.

From Hand Sanitiser, general purpose antiviral cleaning sprays to disinfectant fogging. Cleanse Smart is one of a hand full of UK companies offering businesses a complete range of products to help fight off the covid19 virus.

To ensure you are using the best treatments, call the office on 01325 238210.


Duncan Says: "The chemical agent that's within the equipment itself, touches every single point within an area. So imagine it being fog or imagine it being steam and it permeating everywhere throughout a building and a vehicle. Where traditional cleansing tends to just coat or cover the top surface of the top of the table this will cover the top, the sides, the underneath, the legs, the carpet, the wall,s the floors, the ceilings. And another great advantage of the fogging is that it treats soft furnishings as well."

Dave Hughes from DHDT: " Yeah he come reliable we like him he's a good lad, he's honest and he turns up when he said he was going to do. Obviously we need it to fall in line with covid really and we would highly recommend it. So it was good for us, but it gives confidence to people who come to us for training because the vehicles are getting multi-used throughout the week. So having them all protected and fogged we can then sell that as an advantage for our business. I'd definitely recommend it."

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What is Cleanse Smart?

We are a National chain of disinfectant fogging service specialists. Whilst being National gives added credibility, we recognise the importance of being local, having operators understand the needs of local businesses.

Our ISOH trained managers have researched and reviewed all Cleanse Smart products, equipment and practices. The same active ingredient in our disinfectant fogging liquid is used in our floor cleaner, our cleaning sprays and hand sanitisers. Safe to use on your skin, around food, pets and the environment. It is also up to 1,000 times more effective than 70% alcohol disinfectant and brands like Zoflora.

There are specific videos in our blog and on our YouTube channel which show specific examples of vehicle fogging, including a coach we did for DHDT. But we mainly carry out disinfectant fogging in business premises, offices, restaurants, pubs, hotels, nursery schools and many more.

So, if you need your business disinfecting, maybe because of staff reporting positive for covid, then give Cleanse Smart a call, where you can find our much more information, and find out how inexpensive a disinfectant fogging service can be.

Call Head Office on 01325 238 210

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