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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

If you are looking for a low cost franchise, with the possibility of earning enough money to pay back your initial investment within just 1 month, then please consider Cleanse Smart.

Please watch the short video and should you have any questions please call the office on 01325238210. Thank you.

Are You Looking For The Ideal Low Cost Franchise? Look No Further! You Have Found It!

Due to the high infection rates in across the UK, disinfection fogging is in high demand. We are all after that ideal work/life balance, I know I was. I just wanted to work a few hours a week and then be able to spend time with my family. As you will read further on those few hours earned me £1250 in my first month, three times what I was earning in my part-time job. If this sounds like you, allow me to tell you a story from Tuesday 13th October 2020. If you want to skip my story just head on to the next paragraph. This was my busiest day yet. Deep Cleaning the following: A boxing Gym - £120, a £255 quote for a hairdressers/beauty salon, a £290 quote for a Golf club, a £100 (weekly contract) for a football club and to finish a £120 for a small showroom. £885 in one day. But that's not really true. Excluding the travelling, my time expended on the jobs totalled 3 hours 15 minutes, which by my calculator works out at £272,31 per hour. Before you get too carried away remember you need to pay for your consumables (about £50), petrol, your franchise fee (20%) and of course your tax. After all that a £500 day rate is a great day rate. Yet again this was my busiest day, some days I make nothing. But these busy days are getting more frequent. Jobs are getting bigger, more days are spent fogging so I lose family time. I can always slow down or employ someone, but you know I like the work, I like meeting other business owners. Thing is, is this for you, right now? Because everyday you're sat thinking about it, you could be missing out on £885. Great business leaders make decisions fast and review them at leisure. Are you going to be great, or let this opportunity slip away? If you are keen, if you want to begin in the next 7 to 10 days, read on. I wish you look. I am Duncan, head of franchising and training and I also have the Darlington area franchise.

Right here is your opportunity to step straight into a profitable business. The profits are great, but if you have ever been in business before you will know that support in the early stages is even more precious. You will receive expert training from me, I'm ex RAF, so you can be assured of the highest quality and standards.

The business I would like to showcase to you is deep cleaning disinfectant fogging. Popular today because of infection breakouts, but we treat so many more viral and bacterial infections.

As a Cleanse Smart Franchisee you will visit businesses and then using your equipment, disperse the leading non-hazardous disinfection agent which has be proven to kill 99.9999% of germs. this is up to 1,000 times better than most readily available disinfectants. you will also save businesses precious time, because this deep clean fogging action treats every surface it touches. Walls, ceilings, floors, hard and soft surfaces. The process and liquid agent we use is food safe, so great for restaurants, pubs and schools. it has 4, European and British Standard Awards. There is no better, safer way to disinfect premises and vehicles.

My name is Duncan and I am head of franchising and also operate the business too. I have had many questions, most involving money, or how much can you make. I can only give you this example from my first months trading. I worked 10 hours, my income was £1250, from this I spent £50 on consumables. I also had to pay my 20% franchise royalties which was £200. This left me with £1,000, of course there is tax to pay on this, should you be a tax payer. Of course some people could earn much more, some may earn less. This is your business, you get out a multiple of what you put in, in effort! The upfront cost of the Franchise was set at £995, because we believe there is a strong chance that you could earn this back within your first month! It does not cover all our costs regarding ongoing support, marketing and the extensive pre-launch research we have carried out. This is recovered in the 20% franchise royalties, which is pretty standard for UK Franchises.

I have grown my business through referrals, I will demonstrate how you willl too. This is where good service and fair pricing counts in your favour, as businesses recommend you to other businesses. I cover how you can make this technique work for you in our 1-2-1 training. Occasionally I run ad campaigns on Google, Linkedin and Facebook. If you would like a Google Ad campaign running just for you these are available to you, at cost, plus a £20 admin fee,

Here is a list of what you will receive:

ü Half a days training including practical demonstration of how to use your new fogging equipment.

ü Ongoing support.

ü 1400 W ULV Fogging machine for large areas with 5m cable and UK plug.

ü 1100 Fogging machine with remote control and mains cable with UK plug.

ü 10 Litres of vaporisation fluid and 5 litres premix for 1100 W fog machine.

ü 25m Mains extension cable.

ü Laser measurer with batteries.

ü Box of nitrile gloves.

ü Respirator mask.

ü Branded Business Wear (Shell Jacket, Polo Shirts and a Bennie Hat)

Marketing & Documentation:

ü Training & Competency Certificate

ü Cleanse Smart Logo

ü 2x Polo Shirts, 1x Jacket

ü 500 Business cards

ü 1,000 Personalised Leaflets

ü Personalised Webpage

ü Risk Assessment

ü Manufacturers SDS on PDF

ü PDF Information Pack including Product information, SDS and Example Risk Assessment

ü Images and videos

ü Adjustable cost calculator (Excel) for Desktop, tablet or phone.

ü Printable Certificates for Buildings and for Vehicles (Publisher)

ü Benefits of an antiviral cleanse (Word)

ü Introduction to local Networking Group (Highly Recommended)

Other Additional Opportunities

Fogging is the main stay of our franchise. However, in addition to the fogging we also offer other related products and services. Body temperature thermal scanners, (ISO approved) we also have available hand sanitiser in branded 100ml bottles and 5L containers, general purpose cleaning sprays 750ml, which have the same active ingredient and therefore add to the fogging protection, not wiping it away like bleach does! These products are available to add into your franchise from the beginning, or at any time when you feel the need. Why Trust Cleanse Smart?

Firstly, we are disinfection specialists. We have come to this service business directly having done months of research. Secondly, all the equipment and agents we use have been thoroughly tested by us and are fit for purpose. Thirdly, the active disinfectant we use has been tested independently by the NHS, the Blood Transfusion Service, RSPCA, Network Rail, Heathrow Airport, Airbus and Boeing. All this is to give you, and your future customers confidence that this business opportunity WORKS.

You will receive a full franchise agreement and once funds have cleared we can arrange your training and delivery of your equipment so you can get started straight away. Please note that some items like printed material and branded clothing may take longer to arrive.

To see how easy it is to operate the fogging equipment please check out the Cleanse Smart, YouTube channel.

Any questions do please message us.

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