Introduction by the Cleanse Smart Owner

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Having a face to the business helps make it more personal, more trustworthy. Here Cleanse Smart owner Duncan explains a little about what the company does and why it is considered to be the number one in Infection Protection, Disinfection Fogging.

Transcript of the video:

"Hi my name is Duncan and I'd like to introduce to you my business which is called Cleanse smart now Cleanse Smart is in the business to provide infection protection. We do this in two ways; first of all we have lots of fogging equipment which uses a BS EN 14476 chemical disinfectant. This has been proven to kill many viruses including HIV, Ebola and of course the latest covid 19. This disinfection fogging treatment is fantastic for treating all services within the premises such as an office like this one. All the chairs that's the backs, the tops, the underneath, the tables, the walls, the ceilings, the doors. Everything is treated and that protection lasts for up to 28 days. Protecting you against the return of any potential viruses. Incidentally that's ten weeks for any bacteria.

Our second part to the business this thermal screening. Now you may have seen this on the news. Often used in airports and in big factories and warehouses. We use a portable system more about this to come in future videos by the way; but it reaches, or in certain cases surpasses the standards laid down by the US Food and Drug Administration for the specifications for thermal screening cameras. The great thing about this thermal screening camera is that it protects your school, your restaurant, your workplace from infected people entering. Social distancing at schools is a great concern at the moment. If you knew all the staff and all the pupils that were in that school didn't show any symptoms of a high temperature then the concerns about segregation about two meters separation would simply go away. They wouldn't be necessary, so it's a great system and the great thing is it's very cost effective a complete system fully installed and portable coming with its own adjustable tripod comes in at just £999, that's fully installed and working. Additional cameras are only £768 that's at the current rate. So my name is Duncan my company is Cleanse Smart and I hope you will subscribe to our YouTube channel keep a look out for our Facebook and of course check out the website. Thank you very much bye bye now."

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