How To Protect Your Business in 2 Steps

In this video I explain how and why it is important for businesses and schools to have an effective infection protection plan in place.

Here is the transcript from the video:

"Ineptitude - Frustration and Anger.

These are some of the words used to describe how the government are handling the covid-19 pandemic, frustrating for many business owners. Frustrating for schools, frustrating for the parents of the children. It's frustrating for me too because there is a simple solution, and the solution isn't a vaccine. Vaccines treat the symptoms not the cause!

I was speaking to a business owner this morning and this month has £10,000 in furlough payments for her business. She has just 12 staff. £10,000 in furlough payments! For a lot less than that she can have her business disinfectant fogged and the people, the staff could continue to work there. Unless they are Covid positive of course.

Here is the solution in a couple of simple, easy-to-understand steps, so simple even Boris Johnson could understand this.

Step 1. We have to protect, to disinfect the internal spaces of our businesses and schools. At least once a month have a disinfectant fogging carried out, with a disinfectant that is known to kill coronavirus. Some businesses might want increase fogging, maybe twice a month, maybe every day. Whichever regime you choose, it's going to be a lot cheaper than paying out for furlough. Month after month after month. Next, use an effective, efficient general-purpose cleaner. This is to wipe down the high-frequency touchpoint areas in the business. Door handles for instance, light switches, computer keyboards, mice that sort of thing. We are just about there as far as the deep cleaning disinfection protection goes but once you have protected and disinfected that internal area. How do we protect your business from people, infected people coming from the outside?

Step 2. Add a thermal body temperature scanner. These can be bought from anywhere between £20 and £50 on Amazon and eBay. A hand-held scanner, body temperature scanner to check that somebody coming into your premises has no symptoms. If their temperature is over 37.7 degrees, you need to protect your business bubble and say “sorry you're not allowed in”. You must do your very best to ensure people who shows symptoms of covid-19 infection are prevented from spreading the virus amongst your staff, customers or pupils. At Cleanse Smart we are offering is this little beauty. (Thermal Imaging Scanner) No, you can't get it from between 20 and £50 on Amazon. This is around £750. It has several advantages. It has multiple sensors, has a reading window on the back it meets ISO standards. It also meets standards from the FDA over in America. This temperature scanner is flexible it is portable. And it's a damn sight cheaper than the £15,000 Vodafone system, so there's no excuse why any business can't have an authorised scanner to protect those internal spaces once they've been disinfected.

There are other measures that we can take, ones the government are suggesting:

Inside was always wear a mask or a face visor. Keep socially distance 1.52 m. Perspex sheets to shield customers. A regular cleansing routine, for those high frequency touch points.

I strongly believe with these precautions, these protective measures in place the rise of coronavirus would dramatically reduce. All it takes is a little bit of common sense. I know it's not very common nowadays, but wake up, please wake up.

Just a side note on the disinfectant fogging. I recently found a lot of companies are using an acid, Hypochlorous Acid or HOCL. This is hazardous, it is flammable and it can cause blindness. Some Fogging companies have been using this product in schools and restaurants before the lockdown. The safety data sheet clearly says it is hazardous yet this has been used to fog restaurants and then people have been eating there. Crazy!

So, do please check the safety data sheet of the product your fogging service provider is using. If they do not have one, send them out the door. I'm sorry for being grumpy, for getting frustrated. I am getting angry. I'm trying to get the word out, the information, but it is really, really difficult. So, if you could share this video, maybe other people will get to watch the other related videos on my YouTube channel on my blog and hopefully will learn a little bit more.

There is no need for covid-19 to be at the level it is. Imagine if we all used a disinfectant that was 1,000 times better than 70% alcohol. Imagine infection rates been 1000 times less. That would mean that instead of infections being around 300 in 100, 000. They could be as low as 3 in a Million.

This is why I'm passionate. This is why I'm trying to get the word out there and I will definitely appreciate your help. Thank you very much indeed."

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