Shocking: Did you know how Ineffective Your Hand gel and Wipes are?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Not everyone is an expert in infection protection. However it is important that you understand what the Jargon on the bottles of sanitising products you are buying, actual mean.

We think you will be shocked at how ineffective most of these products are. Take a look at this short video to be more informed..... And safe!


"Hi Duncan from Cleanse Smart and i'm here today to talk about, percentages something we've probably not really touched on since we've been at school. Unless you have to deal with the dreaded vat.

The next time you look at your hand sanitiser it will probably say 99.9 effective, or up to 99.9 effective against bacteria and viruses. Now, whilst that sounds very good, you must realize that an average sneeze achoo, bless me - an average sneeze contains 200 million viruses. Now if your hand sanitiser or your sanitizing product is 99.9% effective this means after cleaning your hands of those 200 million viruses you are left with 200 Thousand.

The products we like to use here at Cleanse Smart is 99.9999% effective that's 1,000 times more effective than your traditional hand sanitisers. This means out of those 200 million viruses from a sneeze, only 200 will be left. So which do you think would be safer having two hundred thousand viruses left or just two hundred?

Our hand sanitising products come in two sizes we do the 100 milliliter size and we do a the new % Litre size so do please contact us for more details. We're available on 01325 238210.

Hand Sanitiser from Cleanse Smart

Thank you very much."

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