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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Article from the Government regarding funding for extra expenses due to #coronavirus For schools with 250 pupils or less £25,000 is available.

A monthly antiviral fogging from Cleanse Smart would be £500 per month or £6,000 per year. Three thermal camera screening system would cost just another £3,000.

Now your school has options. You could have #fogging every 14 days increasing annual cost to £12,000. Leaving your school a further £10,000 to enhance current cleaning regimes, with better #cleaning products for enhanced infection protection.

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The Government Guidance is Here

Further Information for Schools (Nov-2020)

Since schools, colleges, universities, nursery schools were allowed back at the end of the first lockdown, there has been an increase in cross infection. My own Grandchildren have been sent home to isolate so many times I have lost count! As an ex school governor I know schools have many challenges, but surely this has to be one of the biggest ever!

How Can Schools Become Covid Secure?

First of all I must state that I don't believe that unless you live on a self sufficient desert island, that covid secure actually exists. Having said that i strongly believe that educational establishments could do an awful lot better in protecting our children.

There are 2 simple guidelines to follow:

  1. You must ensure the interior of your premises is virus free.

  2. You must then ensure no infected person enters the premises

How Do You Do Ensure the Interior of Your Premises are Virus Free?

A disinfectant deep clean fogging must be carried out at least once a month, using a 99.9999% effective disinfectant and NOT alcohol! Frequently used touch points are to be cleaned at least daily, more often as necessary, with an equally effective general purpose cleaner or disinfectant wipes. Areas that have suspect, or confirmed cases of Covid-19 are to be quarantined and the area should be fogged with disinfectant ASAP.

How Do You Ensure No Infected Person Enters?

An almost impossible act, yet all schools can do much more. the sign most infected people give off is an elevated temperature. So at every entrance there must be an officially recognised body temperature scanner. No, not the £50 ones from Amazon. The CDC in America and the ISO has defined standards for these devices. One being that the device must be portable and only able to measure one persons temperature at a time. Other specifications of thermal scanners relate to the technicalities, such as sensor size, sensitivity and temperature range.

Conclusion On How To Protect Schools from Covid-19

This requires 2 steps. Making sure the school interiors are as virus free as practically possible. then, monitoring people wishing to enter, so that people with a high temperature are denied access.

Cleanse Smart - Are UK wide specialists in infection prevention and protection. Trained operators are available every day of the week to carry out deep clean disinfection fogging. All products are 99.9999% effective against pathogens and non-hazardous. The thermal body temperature screening camera systems are also available and cost just £999 fully installed.

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Office: 01325 238 210 and 01642 686 210

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