Fogging Efficiency

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

We business owners are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. In these Covid times, cleaning has become an important task. This video explains how a Cleanse Smart fogging treatment can save you time and money because it is much more efficient than traditional deep cleaning.

Here is the transcript of the video on Disinfectant Fogging Efficiency

"Hi, there are lots of videos on our various channels showing you why cleanse smart and it's active ingredients in our fogging gives you more effective killing of viruses such as the Coronavirus 19. But today I'd like to show you why it is more efficient saving you time saving you money and how our fogging treatment gets into those areas that normal cleaning can't - thank you. Hopefully now you can see how a cleanse smart fogging treatment is a lot more efficient saving you time and saving you money plus the fogging treatment reaches those places traditional cleaning can't. I reckon it would take a team of two or three cleaners two full days to get anywhere near the effectiveness of a cleanse smart disinfectant fogging. This would probably cost you well in excess of £400, whereas with a cleanse smart deep clean fogging service we could be in and out within one hour and it will cost you a lot less than the £400 probably about half that. So if you're interested, if you own a restaurant if, you own a pub, a takeaway, a hotel or any business premises, do please give us a call on 01325 238 210. Thank you for watching bye."

Remember the Fogging Effectiveness Too!

It's no good being efficient if the disinfectant fogging service itself is ineffective. Luckily, the disinfectant Cleanse Smart uses is BOTH. Effective because it kills a wide range of viruses, bacteria and fungii. Because it has been developed by leading British Biotech scientists, it not only kills the viruses you know about today, but there is a very high probability it will kill future viruses too. In the past our fogging killed Norovirus, Mers, Sars, H1N1, HIV and Ebola, today it kills Coronavirus. Due to the huge risk posed by viruses jumping from animals to humans (as Ebola did) we must have an effective disinfectant ready. i strongly believe this is it. it has passed all the tests so far and the unique way it stops viruses spreading gives it longevity as a potent disinfectant.


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