Disinfectant Cleaners - A Review

Since the start of the Covid pandemic there has been an explosion of disinfectant cleaners hitting the UK supermarket shelves. But how do you know which is the most effective? this video will guide you:

Here is the transcription:

"Hello, duncan from cleansmart with something a little bit different for you today from my kitchen it's a product review a product review on multi-surface antibacterial cleansers. I'll give you a few hints and tips of what to look out for so you can make a more informed choice when you go to buy your next multi-service cleaner.

We've got three products to choose from and we'll we'll pick this one first. Five times action antiviral antibacterial multi-surface cleaner on the front of the label kills 99.9% of bacteria, sorry that should be 99.99% of bacteria. That's quite good because a lot of the alcohol based cleaners only clean 99.9%. This is 10 times better than 70% alcohol so after you've looked at the front of the bottle we need to turn it around and have a look at the back. What it does say on the back? You'll notice this warning diamond that means it is hazardous. Warning causes skin irritation, causes serious eye irritation, keep out of the reach of children, if it lands on the skin you have to wash with plenty of water. So it's not exactly 100% safe is it; so that's the first one. Obviously I'm not going to check how good it is as an actual surface cleaner, we are more looking at the antiviral effects of these products. That's that first one so here's another one antibacterial multi-surface again highlighted on the front 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. Interestingly as well just below that it has EN 1276 approved so that's really good so it's got a standard attached to it there as well so that's really good. 99.999% means that it's 10 times better than this one. If we turn it over really good. At first glance no hazards, let's have a look now there's just directions on there. Eliminates unpleasant odours, yeah so no hazards to worry about. You can spray this hopefully you know it won't cause any damage to your skin. That's a really good product. Talking about really good products, you might recognize this one. This is a cleanse smart multi-surface general purpose cleaner and antibacterial. On the front label kills up to 99.9999% of germs and bacteria so this cleaner is 10 times better than that one, it is 100 times better than this one, and it is 1 000 times better than 70% alcohol. Like this one had EN 1276 on here this has got EN1276 it's also got 1650 it's also got 13704 and importantly especially if you're looking for coronavirus EN14476. That's the important one. Turn it over on the back, no hazards which is really important.

So which would you choose? Is this 10 times more expensive than this one? No it's not. Is it 100 times more expensive than this one? No it's not, but it is 100 times better at killing germs and bacteria.

While we're in the midst of doing the product review on the general purpose cleaners you might have noticed these two little chaps here on the kitchen table. Hand sanitizer gels. A really famous brand and I don't want to pick on any particular brand because they're all pretty much the same. On the front label kills 99.9% of germs so this is 10 times better than this. This is 1,000 times better than this. Turn it over on the back and this is what disturbs me.

You've got two hazard diamonds there's one because it's hazardous to skin and one because it's highly flammable. So again you might recognize this one? The cleanse smart it's got all those BS EN certification standards there printed on the bottle and again the kill ratio is 99.9999%. 1,000 times better than that and again this is about £1.50. This which is actually a bigger size. What size is that 50ml. This one is twice the size and it's only £3, so side by side they are the same price but this is a 1,000 better than that at killing germs and bacteria and yet it is completely safe. This is completely safe. I can do a demonstration please, please don't do this so you can squirt some on your hands it's absolutely fine if I didn't have that I could use this as a hand sanitizer and you can do this. Do not, do not, do that with any of these products, because you could end up being blind. That's how dangerous these things are.

So if you want the best in antibac and anti-coronavirus treatments, hand sanitizer general purpose cleaner. Cleanse smart. We're the ones for you.

Think smart..... cleanse smart

Thank you for watching and do please check out all our other videos and the blog on our website.

Thank you very much, bye."

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