Top Tips on Covid Cleaning for Offices

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

There are two steps to this process, depending on if the office has a known or suspect case of covid contamination – or not.

Here at Cleanse Smart all our operators work to a covid risk assessment, the level of PPE to maximise your safety can not be understated. If you haven’t got a risk assessment, do please get a responsible, trained person to generate one for you.

Office Fogging for Covid deep cleaning

Covid cleaning for Offices, or any premises, differs from traditional cleaning in that the products used where they used to be more polish based are now anitivrial or antibacterial. The depth of the clean, the attention to detail is now very much, enhanced. Previously more attention was given to the tops of hard surfaces. Now, we have to ensure all those cracks and crevices are disinfected, along with soft furnishings, such as chairs, sofas and curtains.

There are 2 ways to tackle office deep cleaning. First you could employ a small army of cleaners to thoroughly clean everything. But, can you imagine how long it would take, and we all know time is money! Here is what I recommend:

Have your cleaners, do what they normally would. Clean the hard surfaces, just ensure that they are using a decent antiviral disinfectant. More later. Then, just once a month have a professional, specialist company come in and disinfect using a fogging machine. This treatment gets into all those places traditional cleaning can’t. From cracks in keyboards, to all those window blind slats and light fittings.

You see deep clean fogging isn’t a substitute for traditional cleaning, it’s an additional, extra, deeper layer of protection.

Cleaning Materials.

Lesson 1. Read the back of the bottle! If it has an exclamation mark (!) in a triangle, then this means it is hazardous, please don’t use any of these. Make sure that it if effective. Many 70% alcohol-based sanitisers are 99.9% effective at killing germs. This would mean that after sneezing 200Million germs on your hands, after cleaning, there would be 200 Thousand remaining! Frightening! Cleanse Smarts products are 99.9999% effective, meaning those 200 Million germs, after cleaning are now just 200. This is One Thousand times better, the good news is it doesn’t cost 1,00 times more. So please choose your products carefully.


Once a month have your offices deep cleaned by a fogging specialist, like Cleanse Smart. Second, switch your cleaners materials for more effective products like our:

1. Concentrated Floor Cleaner

2. General Purpose Spray Cleaner

3. Hand Sanitiser

If you carry out these procedures, ensure face coverings are worn, and distancing measures taken, then your office will be a much cleaner, safer environment to work in.

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