Covid-19 Vaccine, False Hope?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Whilst the vaccine will save many lives, in the localised skirmish against viral infection, the real Battle and the Great War goes unchecked.

You see, zoonosis, or the transfer of viruses from animals to humans is the greatest threat, the real War. The Covid-19 vaccine is so targeted, so specific that when the next virus jumps to humans it will be useless, and all the research will have to begin again. We must focus on infection protection measures. To protect our economy, our businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. In this video I explain a little more.

Here I have included the transcript:

Why the Covid-19 Vaccine is not the Answer


With over 30 years practical experience in problem solving, I know that problems, like Covid-19, are not solved by treating the symptoms. Undoubtedly, a vaccine can and will save lives. But it is too specific, too targeted, too specialised. Focus has been on treating the effects when more should have been done to treat the cause.

What is the Cause and Effects of Covid-19?

The cause of Covid-19, SARS-Cov-2, is believed to have been a viral transfer, probably from an infected bat, to a human host in China. The effect is that it has spread and causes anything from mild flu like symptoms to death. Not forgetting the near collapse of Worldwide economies!

How to Tackle the Cause.

It will be almost impossible to prevent viral transfer from animals to humans. Despite all the rumours, transfer does not usually happen by eating bats. It usually occurs through close contact with body fluids like mucus, blood, faeces or urine. Any contact with an uncooked animal has the potential for contracting an infection. Chickens and Pigs, but more probably game and bush meat. Remember Swine Flu and Bird Flu? If we can not stop the initial transfer, then we should look at prevention measures on the next rung on the ladder.

Hygiene – Raw meat handlers must wear protective equipment, as a minimum I would suggest gloves. The aim being to prevent blood, etc from coming into contact with the skin, or being ingested. In addition, regular hand washing and or hand sanitising should be carried out. The next step would be to protect businesses, schools, hospital etc, from harbouring the virus. This can be easily achieved by regular deep cleaning disinfection. We must check the body temperature of everyone who enters a building. There’s no point having a sterile environment and then jeopardising that safety by allowing an infected person in. Body temperature scanners will achieve this aim.

What the Future has in Store

The threat to all human life is not a nuclear war, it comes from a virus like Covid, SARS-Cov-2. Imagine a virus being as prevalent as Covid-19, but with the fatality rate of Ebola. That is a true nightmare scenario. This nightmare is out there, right now. There are thousands of viruses waiting to jump from animals to humans, literally thousands, and we have no natural immunity. In the future we should all take the precautions listed earlier. Face coverings should stay, social distancing should stay.

Why the Covid-19 Vaccine is not the Answer.

The vaccine has been developed to specifically treat Covid-19, nothing else! So, should this virus mutate, and it already is to a small degree. But if it mutates further the vaccine won’t work. It also will not work against the next zoonosis virus. Zoonosis is the transfer from animals to humans. We should be scared and take this pandemic seriously and learn how to protect ourselves.


The Covid-19 vaccine is too specific and only addresses the effects, not the cause. By having robust infection control measures in place, this will not only help the battle against Covid, but help us survive the war against future zoonosis transfers.

Duncan Malloch is the Co-Owner of the Cleanse Smart franchise and operates a disinfectant fogging service in the Darlington area of the UK.

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