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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Cleanse Smart can definitely help you.

Having your cleaners wipe over surfaces with 70% alcohol disinfectant is ok. A better way is to use disinfectant fogging which 1,000 times more effective at killing viruses and bacteria AND treats every surface; walls, ceilings, furniture, equipment, even the air itself, which traditional cleaning misses.

Deep Cleaning After Staff Test Positive

If your business has had a member of staff test positive for covid-19, then it is a requirement that you have your premises, or at least the areas the infected person had visited, deep cleaned. Many businesses are viewing this requirement a nothing more than a regular clean, but perhaps using a alcohol based disinfectant. If you are happy with minimal, then this is the way to go. however, if you truly wish to protect your business, your staff and your customers you need something much better than minimal. Maybe surprisingly, better in this case does not mean more expensive, in fact it can work out cheaper!

Best Way to Deep Clean after a Positive Test

Specialist disinfectant fogging is the most efficient way to deep clean your premises. Why? Because the fogging disperses the disinfectant quickly and over every surface. Taking just minutes to complete rather then hours of traditional rag and spray cleaning. Of course it is more effective too! Cleanse Smarts disinfectant fogging is up to 1,000 times more effective at killing germs than 70% alcohol and much safer! no bleach or alcohol means it is safe on you r skin, safe around food and safe for the environment.

The Belt and Braces Approach to Beating Covid-19

Having perspex screens and face masks is ok to help prevent the spread of infection via breath. Wouldn't it be better to prohibit those with symptoms from entering in the first place? Our low cost thermal screening system allows you to do just this.

The temperature devices a lot of companies are buying from Amazon and Ebay do not meet the required standards. You can pay £15,000 for a fixed system from the likes of Vodafone, but this does not meet ISO standards either! So this little, portable thermal scanner is the best way to go for any business. As a fully installed system it costs just £999. When peace of mind is priceless, this is cheap!

Unique Opportunity.

Free dual demonstration of both antiviral fogging and thermal screening. Click the link below. Fill in the short contact form and a Cleanse Smart representative will be in touch.

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