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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We love helping out local businesses enhance and reinforce their infection protection plan.

How a Disinfectant Fogging Help?

By having a Cleanse Smart fogging your business can save money as it is a far more efficient and effective way to eliminate many strains of viruses and bacteria. Not only does a treatment save you money it is more effective for 2 main reasons:

  1. Our disinfectant fogging kills up to 1,000 times more pathogens than most others on the market

  2. It disinfects EVERYWHERE! Floors, carpets, ceilings, seats, picture frames, doors, air conditioning, windows, curtains, toilets, sinks. Not just the top surface either, oh no, this amazing substance is a killing zone everywhere it touches. table tops, underneath, the legs, it gets in tight spaces and cracks. It also disinfects the air as it is applied.

Why is a Disinfectant Fogging Better?

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, a viral contaminated area must have a deep clean. There are 2 main ways of achieving this. With a spray and a cloth, wiping down every surface, then a mop for the floors, then a specialist cleaner for all the soft furnishings, like curtains and fabrics. Or, you could use specialist deep clean fogging which, by using our UK developed biotech disinfectant, can sterilise ALL surface in a fraction of the time.

What is the Disinfectant?

Finding out details about the disinfectant used in the deep clean fogging process is one of your most important quests! You see, the range of disinfectants used by commercial fogging companies is as varied as vehicles on the road.

What to Look Out For 1. How effective is it? This is usually stated on the label as a percentage. The worst being 99% and the current best being 99.9999%. What difference do all those point 9s make. A massive difference. a Fogging Disinfectant like Cleanse Smart is 99.9999% which is 10,000 times more effective than 99%.

2. How Many BS EN accreditations does it have? These are important as they confirm what viruses and bacteria your disinfectant can kill. EN 14476 for example demonstrated that a disinfectant can kill Coronaviruses, Poliovirus, H1N1. HIV. Norovirus and many more. In addition to BS EN 14476 our disinfectant also has EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 13704, BS EN 1500, BS EN 13727 and EN 13697. How many accreditations does your disinfectant have?

3. Who has Tested It? Our disinfectant has been tested by UKAS approved Labs.

4. Who has tried It? Testimonials are great endorsements of a product, it demonstrates quality and longevity - the more reviews, the longer a product has been around. Our fogging disinfectant has been tried by the NHS, RSPCA, Blood transfusion, the Royal Mint, HM Prisons, Heathrow Airport, The Environment Agency, P&O, Network Rail, Boeing and Airbus.

So, if your business would love to have the best antiviral disinfection fogging service available then please call the Cleanse Smart Head Office on 01325 238 210 or 01642 686 210

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