Antiviral Deep Clean - Durham City Golf

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Our longest video yet! Nearly 10 minutes of Deep Clean fogging at Durham City Golf Club.

There Are two scenarios which allow Cleanse Smart the opportunity to help your business. the first is when a business realises that an antiviral disinfectant deep clean fogging makes sense as a preventative measure. The second is when a member of staff tests positive and then the local council will insist that a "deep clean" is carried out before the business can reopen it's doors.

Advantages of a Deep Clean using Disinfectant Fogging.

As you will notice from the video above, the antiviral disinfection is a rapid process. The ULV fogging equipment disperses the active agent up to 10 metres! With a long enough lead an operator can efficiently reach all areas of even large spaces in very little time. The advantage of this is of course that your business gets back, up and running in as shorter time as possible. Effectiveness is the other major advantage. Because the fog, or spray is emitted at a droplet size less than 50 microns, it floats on the air currents, just like a virus would. This effect results in all surfaces, tops, bottoms, sides or the furniture, fittings, carpet and curtains are covered. Not just the fixtures though, as Covid-19 is airborne the deep clean disinfection fogging service actually sterilises the air too, something tradition deep cleaning by way of spray and cloth simply can not achieve.

The management here at the Durham City Golf Club have been proactive in ensuring their members are protected by having a regular deep clean fogging, every month. This monthly cycle is important for two reasons. Firstly a once a month treatment is much more economical. Secondly, the fogging treatment, nanoscopically coats everything it touches, leaving a lasting barrier, which starts to kill any viruses or bacteria landing on them. In addition the golf club purchased the Cleanse Smart General Purpose Cleaner Spray which has the same active ingredient as our fog. Remember our products are up to 1,000 times more effective than alcohol based disinfectants, are food safe and have been tested by the NHS, Airbus and Boeing. so, safe to use in areas like

There is no residue and all surfaces, hard floors, doors, walls ceiling and soft furnishings, chairs, curtains, they are all safely sterilised.

To book a free demonstration from one of our UK wide team, please call head office on 01325 238210.

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