Covid 19 Deep Cleaning in West Sussex

Covid 19 Deep Cleaning Treatments

Bracklesham Bay in West Sussex is the location of this family team of Cleanse Smart operators, Steve and Reese. Serving all surrounding areas including Chichester, Bognor Regis and Portsmouth. 

Infection protection should be seen as a preventative measure. However we are getting more calls from businesses which have had a member of staff test positive for covid and therefore need a deep clean, antiviral fogging in order to reopen.


More Pressure on Business Owners

Overnight business owners across the UK Are expected to be virologists and infection protection experts! Please allow the experienced staff at Cleanse Smart to help you, and remove some of that pressure!

There are many ways in which Cleanse Smart can help you:

1. Antiviral Fogging is Quick.

Buildings can be reoccupied within an hour or two

2. Deep Clean Fogging is More Efficient.

The sterilising fog or equipment emits disinfects EVERY surface it touches. Floors, walls, ceilings, hard surfaces, soft furnishings, even delicate electronics like computers.

3. 1,000 Times More Effective.

Our British manufactured sterilisation agent is up to 1,000 times more effective at killing pathogens than 70% alcohol.

4. SAFE.

Our fog contains no alcohol, no bleach and is PH neutral. Safe around humans, animals and safe for the environment too.

5. Tried and Tested.

Four seperate British and European Safety accreditations. Independently tested by UK medical testing facility UKAS and the NHS. Boeing and Airbus have tested to ensure all surfaces remain undamaged.

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Cost Effectiveness

Cleanse Smart are here to help local and National businesses with their deep cleaning and infection control procedures. Quality and effectiveness have to be your No1 priority and then consider the cost. Professional disinfection fogging takes less time and is therefore more economical that traditional deep cleaning. Saving you time and money. Prices from just £50

Cleanse Smart  - West Sussex

"Fit for Purpose at Minimum Cost"

Covid Deep Cleaning services in Portsmouth, Bracklesham, Chichester and Bognor Regis