Newcastle Covid 19 Deep Cleaning

Deep Clean Fogging after Covid 19 Infection


Any area that has not been disinfected on a larger scale is at a much higher risk of contracting this virus and as a result, infecting every being. Similarly, in an area with thorough disinfection protocols, any individual with infectious disease tends to enter in will infect many others around. Therefore you must protect your Newcastle-upon-Tyne business by adopting extreme cleaning protocols.

We aim to deeply clean all the disinfected areas with our specific anti-viral agents and sanitizers. Our company “cleanse smart”, provides a two-step operational procedure for thorough and deep cleaning.

Grahams Machinery Sales Disinfection Treatment


1.Step one is anti-viral disinfection, deep clean fogging. 

This procedure is used to thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning the areas with specific anti-viral deep fogging solutions. This procedure tempts to kill 99.9999% of all viruses and bacteria residing in these areas.

Cleanse smart use disinfectants or solutions that are safe around the overall public, including kids. It is also safe around food products. It is entirely safe for the environment. Once applied, these deep cleaning fogging solution over the surfaces, these keep the areas or surfaces disinfected from viruses for up to 30 days and bacteria's up to 10 whole weeks. Isn't that great? This way, it will save your time and energy, and your company needs to cleanse these areas only once a month.

2.Step two is a contactless temperature screening.

Once we have cleaned the whole area next step is to ensure that no infected individual enters the premises. We use a thermal tripod camera mounted over a stand to check the temperatures of the individuals coming in and out of the premises. The normal body temperature tends to be around 37 degrees. However, any further rise in temperature means that either the body is heating up or a defensive mechanism against any foreign body has been generated such as COVID 19. Therefore with the help of these thermal cameras, we can easily detect the virus carriers around us. Some of the amazing properties the thermal camera offers are

  • Body temperature measurement

  • Detection distance must be 1/1.5m

  • Warning light shows up if body temperature is too high.

  • Accuracy of about 0.5 degrees.


We at cleansing smart offer adequate and thorough cleaning and disinfection of all the premises that are residing in that particular Newcastle-upon-Tyne area. We are certified and insured by the occupational city of health and safety.

Cost Effectiveness

Cleanse Smart are a National company, proud to protect Newcastle-Upon-Tyne with local operators who understand your business. Professional antiviral deep clean fogging saves you time, is up to 1,000 times more effective and is  more economical that traditional spray and cloth deep cleaning. Saving your business time and money.

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