TRUST: Tried and Tested 
12 Month NHS Test in 2013


Destroys the cells DNA


People, Pets, Food and the Environment


Just Safely Continues Protecting for 28 Days

SAVES: Money, Time and Lives

How Cleanse Smart can help and protect you?

Cleanse Smart uses British made and NHS tried and tested, disinfectant fogging treatments which neutralises viruses, including Covid 19 for up to 28 days and bacteria for upto 10 weeks. On all surfaces! Depending upon requirements we can call on specific disinfection agents from our vast stock. All are water based, antimicrobial with broad spectrum kill to Log 6, and have built in residual protection. Some of their properties are:

  • STRONG Independently tested to British and European Standards test BS EN 14476 (2005) – Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Virucidal quantitative suspension test for chemical disinfects against CORONAVIRUS.

  • SAFE for humans, safe in food areas, non alcohol and no bleach formulas, PH neutral.

  • QUICK An average classroom can be treated and fully protected in under an hour.

  • SURFACES Fogging penetrates and coats every surface it touches, walls, doors, windows, ceiling, furniture, carpets and curtains.

  • ON GOING PROTECTION Agents were designed to have residual efficacy which offers ongoing effectiveness for up to 10 weeks, continually protecting the treated area.

Symbol - Covid19 Cleansed

These powerful agents are dispensed using professional grade fogging machines by Cleanse Smart trained technicians. This deep clean disinfection fogging technique has several major advantages over traditional cleaning. The first is that because they are dispersed in nanoscopic droplets they circulate efficiently and effectively offering complete decontamination of the treated area. Secondly, this technique is quick to apply, meaning that your indoor spaces and vehicles can be back in action, back on the road, in the air or on the water, with minimum disruption.


Areas Cleanse Smart  serve and What Businesses and Vehicles we Cleanse?

We are seeking business throughout the UK. If you are unsure if we can assist you, please call as the list is not extensive, here's an idea of what we can cleanse using our antiviral deep clean disinfection service:


Schools, Care Homes, Shops, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and Offices. Vehicles include; Cars, Cars for Sale, Lease Cars, Taxis, Hire Vehicles, Wedding Cars, Vans, Lorries, Buses, Coaches, Motorhomes, Caravans, Train Carriages, Light Aircraft to Commercial Jets (Delta Airlines use this system), Dinghies, Yachts and Boats. 

How to Book a Cleanse Smart  Cleansing

We would prefer to chat with you in confidence about your requirements so we can give you more specific  information and an accurate estimate based on your exact needs. We can currently offer a discounted rate for those who opt for an annual contract, or those with 5 or more rooms or vehicles.