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Professional Deep Cleaning Services for Coronavirus

What is a Fogging Treatment and When Do I Need it?

If your business premises has a member of staff test positive for covid-19, then you will be told by your local authority that you must have a "deep clean" carried out, prior to reopening. Savvy businesses aren't waiting for a positive case to turn up, they are having preventative treatments every month. With a tradition deep clean you can imagine wiping everything over with a cloth and some disinfectant, well, this was the old fashioned, slow, way.

Technology has moved on and is here to save you time and money whilst increasing cleaning effectiveness. Cleanse Smart uses a variety of fogging machine that produce a smoke or a mist to distribute our sterilising agent. Our agent is up to 1,000 times more effective than 70% alcohol and has many other benefits too. It has been tried and tested by the NHS, Boeing and Airbus. It has four British and European safety standards. It contains no alcohol or bleach, has no hazards is safe around people, children, animals, food and the environment. It is quick to administer. An average office can be treated and ready to reopen within an hour! Because it's quick, you will also love the savings in costs!

Fogging Operator - Kings Lynn

The Antiviral Disinfection Process.


Our Cleanse Smart operators based in Kings Lynn have undergone training and have been certified as competent to carry out disinfection safely. Your premises will need to be vacant during the process, whilst the product is non hazardous or risk assessment requires us to use respirators due to increased exposure rates. The operator will then fog each area, ensuring an adequate amount of fog is released. Once each area has been treated we leave the agent 15 minutes to activate. It only take 5 minutes to kill Covid-19, some other bacteria take a little while longer. Next we open doors and windows to vent the fog from the area, this usually takes around 5 to 10 minutes, once this is complete you can re enter the building. The big plus is that once applied, every surface remains protected against viruses for up to 28 days and bacteria for 10 weeks. This means your business saves money by only needing to repeat the fogging treatment once a month.

Cost Effectiveness of a Professional Deep Cleaning

Cleanse Smart Kings Lynn are a vital part in our National chain of disinfection fogging businesses. Always happy to help and give advice on your infection control procedures. We understand that quality and effectiveness have to be your No1 priorities and then comes the cost. Professional deep clean fogging services takes less time and is therefore more economical that traditional deep cleaning. Saving you time and money. So, whether you have a member of staff test positive for coronavirus, or if you just require a monthly deep cleaning then...

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