Covid 19 Deep Cleaning in Durham

Deep Clean Treatment after Covid 19 Infection

If your Durham business has had a member of staff test positive for coronavirus, then you will be told to close until you have had a "deep clean." This is a thorough clean to rid your premises of any traces of the virus. There are two popular ways of doing this; the traditional way with a spray and a wipe, or the more efficient way which is Fogging.

Tom is based in Langley Moor and is our Cleanse Smart operator in the Durham area. We offer antiviral deep cleaning using the very best equipment and sanitising fluids available.

The Cleanse Smart  Advantages:

The turnaround time from your business being closed, because of infection, to being reopened can be a matter of hours! Safety, safety, safety. Four separate British and European standard awards, including BS EN 14476 and 1276. Safe around people, children, animals and safe for the environment. Effectiveness - Our state of the art sanitising fluid kills up to 1,000 times more germs than most 70% alcohol based substances. Our ULV fogger can treat large areas quickly. The fog sterilises everything it touches including floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, seats, curtains, even computers and TVs.


The disinfectant Cleanse Smart uses contains no alcohol and no bleach, it is safe for food preparation areas, pubs and restaurants and great for Nursery schools. The big plus is that once applied, every surface remains protected against viruses for up to 28 days and bacteria for 10 weeks. This means your organisation saves money by only needing to repeat the fogging treatment once a month.

Durham City Golf Club Disinfection Treatment

Cost Effectiveness

Cleanse Smart are a National company with local operators who understand your business. Quality and effectiveness have to be your No1 priority and then you will consider the cost. Professional deep clean fogging takes less time, is more effective and is therefore more economical that traditional spray and cloth deep cleaning. Saving you precious time and money.

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