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Covid-19 Disinfection - Offices & Shops

For the complete protection of your business you must adopt a robust approach to dealing with infectious diseases. Since the beginning of the year many offices and shops have enrolled on our once a month deep clean disinfectant fogging service. With the second coronavirus wave upon us, many more businesses are calling to have their premises cleansed of as the local council insist it is "deep cleaned" before reopening after a positive test of a staff member.

It will be a relief for you to know that "the best deep clean disinfection", does not mean the most expensive. Whilst in the RAF our definition of quality was, "fitness for purpose at minimum cost."This means that a product or service has to fulfil your expectations and at the same time be cost effective. Cleanse Smart Fogging is Quality.

Here at Cleanse Smart with our background in Quality plus Health and Safety, (Certified by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), we have carried out months of research and development to ensure that you, and your business gets the best specialist antiviral deep cleaning service available. With NHS tried and tested disinfectant and the latest in fogging technologies.

What is Coronavirus Deep Clean Disinfectant Fogging?

This is the process where an area is treated with our bio-tech, nanotechnology disinfectant which kills up to 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria. This is 1,000 times more effective than most antibacs! All Cleanse Smart treatments are SAFE. Containing no hazardous chemicals, it is safe around children, safe for food preparation areas and safe for the environment. The big plus is that once applied, every surface remains protected against viruses for up to 28 days and bacteria for 10 weeks. Saving your business money by only needing the disinfection fogging service once a month.

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Cost Effectiveness & Efficiency of a Deep Clean

Restaurant - Disinfectant Deep Cleaning

Imagine how long it would take to professionally deep clean EVERYTHING in this restaurant.

Well your trained Cleanse Smart disinfection fogging operator can deep clean the ceiling, the walls, the lights, the floor, the chairs, the table and table cloths, the glasses, the cutlery, the napkins, the plates and the mirrors. Everything within this space, including the air, disinfected in around 20 minutes and the business ready for customers in around 30!


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