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Coach - Disinfectant Deep Cleaning

From Mini Buses, School Buses to Holiday Coaches, every vehicle is regularly used by different passengers and drivers, sometime daily.

Due to the high risk of cross infection of Covid-19 it is important for operators to carry out regular antiviral deep cleaning on all their vehicles. this can be done by traditional methods, or by using a disinfectant fogging service.

So, what does a Covid deep clean disinfection fogging service do?

Cleanse Smart fogging on a coach offers several advantages. it is quick to apply, treats all surfaces and seats. It kills up to 99.9999% of germs, it has been NHS tested, it also eliminates odours and leaves no residue on surfaces. It really is the best disinfectant you can get.

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It is important to remember that the Covid-19 virus is airborne. Where wiping surfaces with a cloth could kill the virus if it landed there, it wouldn't kill it if it was floating in the air. this is just one more massive advantage of having a Cleanse Smart deep clean fogging treatment.

Another is that the disinfectant fog circulates throughout your coach, not just treating, but nanoscopically coating the overhead lockers, the seats (including underneath), the windows, the curtains, the arm rests, the floors and the drivers compartment. Everywhere is disinfected, to a standard that is up to 1,000 more effective than other IPA products.

In case of a positive Covid-19 Test

Seek the advice of your local council, who will ask you to deep clean your vehicle before you can use it again. A deep clean can be a traditional clean using a cloth and disinfectant. But, as you know the most effective way to ensure a thorough clean is to have an antiviral fogging treatment. #Stay Safe

EFFECTIVE: Kills Viruses and Bacteria to EN BS 14476

SAFE: Human, Animal, Food, Environment & Electronics

TESTED: By NHS, Airbus, Network Rail, Royal Mint, RSPCA

SAVES: Money, Time and Lives