Deep Clean Disinfection Fogging for


Covid 19 has affected much of the Worlds businesses and maybe one of the worst hit has been aviation.

Due to their enclosed, confined passenger areas, airliners in particular are seen as potential breeding grounds for viruses like Covid-19.

Already in USA Delta are using deep clean  fogging to cleanse their cabins, a system we use here at Cleanse Smart .

Extensive research both before and after the Covid breakout has led to some significant breakthroughs in the antiviral disinfectants available.

In aircraft the importance of being PH neutral, no bleach and no alcohol is as significant as the effectiveness in killing viruses and bacteria.

Our disinfecting agent does all this and has been tested by Boeing and Airbus, is NHS approved, so safe it does not require a COSHH assessment.

Pilot in Light Aircraft

But there is more to aviation than airliners. We offer our deep clean disinfection fogging service to flying schools and private pilots as well as airport facilities like ATC.

As our Director, Duncan, is a pilot you can rest assured that every effort is being made to ensure safety guidelines issued by relevant authorities are adhered to. We continue to lobby for the complete withdrawal of IPA as a disinfectant due to it many hazards and its flammability!

EFFECTIVE: Kills Viruses and Bacteria to EN BS 14476

SAFE: Human, Animal, Food, Environment & Electronics

TESTED: By NHS, Airbus, Network Rail, Carillion, RSPCA

SAVES: Money, Time and Lives