Antiviral Deep Clean

Fogging treatments

Use as Preventative Measure or after Staff have Tested Positive

In these worrying, confusing times, business owners don't fully understand how best to protect staff and customers from infectious viruses. Our experts provide affordable deep cleaning fogging services which help businesses save time and save money, especially when a member of staff tests positive for infection.


Disinfection Fogging is the method specialist deep cleaning companies use to sterilise an area of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Of course right now in 2020 focus is squarely on Covid-19 or SARS COV-2, but fogging is about so much more. There are 2 factors that determine the success of a sterilisation treatment:

1. The Type of Equipment Used. There are thermal foggers, cold fogger, wet foggers and dry foggers. Thermal foggers use a heater matrix to disperse the disinfectant, whereas cold foggers do not. Many people get confused about wet and dry foggers, technically a dry fogger is one which produces droplet that are 50 microns or less in size. For small areas Cleanse Smart would recommend a thermal, dry fogger and for larger areas a cold, dry ULV fogging machine.

Restaurant - Disinfection Fogging

2. The Type of Disinfectant Used. Fogging Disinfectants vary in their effectiveness and the hazards they pose. Most state that they kill a certain percentage of "germs". It is extremely important that your disinfectant has the highest kill percentage (LOG 6). Most state 99.9%, (LOG 3) Our product kills 99.9999% which is 1,000 times better. When it comes to how dangerous a disinfectant is you must read the label or check the Safety Data Sheet. Most alcohol products are flammable and have detrimental effects on skin and eyes. The Cleanse Smart disinfectant is safe. There are no hazards identified on our SDS.

Traditional Deep Cleaning vs Fogging


If your business or education establishment has a problem with an infection, you are responsible under UK Law to protect your staff, customers and pupils. The best way to achieve this is by deep cleaning. You can choose the traditional way, but this is very time consuming and therefore quite expensive. A better way is to have a specialist fogging treatment carried out, saving you both time and money. 

Cleanse Smart has rapid response operators throughout the UK, ready to give you the best in infection protection. Trusted by the NHS, Boeing, RSPCA, Network Rail, Airbus. Who else can offer you this depth of reliability, confidence, knowledge and safety?

There are many Health & Safety responsibilities that an organisation must take seriously. Many can be challenging to get correct, they can be time consuming and expensive to implement. Where Cleanse Smart can assist you is in your “duty of care.” Providing affordable, effective antiviral disinfection fogging services to manage the threat from diseases. Did you know? Our disinfectant has been killing viruses since 2005 including SARs, MERs, HIV and Ebola.

If you are responsible for Health & Safety at your school, care home, shop, pub, restaurant, cafe or office, then how can you minimise the risk of communicable illnesses? This pandemic has certainly brought into sharp focus the need for measures to protect staff, pupils and customers. However, the need for an effective method to fight viruses and bacteria has been and will continue well into the future. How many school/business days are lost every year due to colds, flu, coughs and stomach problems? In an enclosed space, such as a classroom, an office or even a van or taxi the chances of transmitting illness between those occupying that space is dramatically increased!​ We can stop this.


Operator with ULV Fogging Machine

How Cleanse Smart can help and protect you?

Cleanse Smart's technicians are ISOH certified and use British made and NHS tried and tested, disinfectants which neutralise viruses for up to 28 days and bacteria for up to 10 weeks. That's on all surfaces!  All our products are water based, antimicrobial with broad spectrum kill to Log 6 of enveloped viruses and have built in residual protection. Some of their advantages are:

  • STRONG Independently tested to British and European Standards test BS EN 14476 (2005) – Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Virucidal quantitative suspension test for chemical disinfects against CORONAVIRUS.

  • SAFE for humans, safe in food areas, non alcohol and no bleach formulas, PH neutral.

  • QUICK  A 100m3 area can be treated in just 4 minutes.

  • SURFACES Fogging penetrates and coats every surface it touches, walls, doors, windows, ceiling, furniture, carpets and curtains.

  • ON GOING PROTECTION Agents were designed to have residual efficacy which offers ongoing effectiveness for up to 10 weeks, continually protecting the treated area.

IOSH - Trained Fogging Specialists

These powerful disinfectant agents are dispensed using specialist grade fogging machines, and by Cleanse Smart trained technicians. This fogging service has several major advantages over traditional cleaning. The first is that because the disinfectant is dispersed in nanoscopic droplets they circulate efficiently and effectively offering complete decontamination. Secondly, this deep cleaning technique is quick to apply, meaning that your indoor spaces and vehicles can be back in action, back on the road, in the air or on the water, with minimum disruption.

The Businesses and Vehicles Cleanse Smart Treat

With operators across the UK we are seeking to help businesses in every Town and City, here's an idea of the what we can treat:


Schools, Care Homes, Shops, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and Offices. Vehicles include; Cars, Cars for Sale, Lease Cars, Taxis, Hire Vehicles, Wedding Cars, Vans, Lorries, Buses, Coaches, Motorhomes, Caravans, Train Carriages, Light Aircraft to Commercial Jets (Delta Airlines use this system), Dinghies, Yachts and Boats. 

How to Book a Cleanse Smart Fogging

If a staff member has tested positive we would prefer to chat with you in confidence about your requirements. 03333 582 210. We can also give you more specific information regarding infection prevention measures and an accurate estimate based on your exact needs. We can currently offer a discounted rate for those who opt for an annual contract, or those with 5 or more rooms or vehicles.  Alternatively, please fill in the contact form and a member of staff will get back to you as soon as they are able.